Frustrated finding Content

Back in 2015 I was frustrated and overwhelmed, why is it, that owners of home-based and start-up businesses are supposed to know EVERYTHING about attracting new customers? And it’s just not the case.

I know that content is king and essential to success, but I really couldn’t be bothered to research all day for content and then write my post.

I began to collect courses, eBooks, and video courses to teach myself everything I needed to know about using content to create sales & leads for my business.

After 12 months I had grown a library of over 400 courses. And it still took all day to research content before I could create my own relevant and unique content.

I couldn’t be alone with this frustration.

Could anyone else benefit from having the research done for them I know I would.

I joined many Facebook business groups, and it didn’t take long to hit me like a body slam, plenty of small/start-up businesses shared my frustrations.

I set about developing a solution to make researching quicker, easier, and more structured.

As a small business you must keep up to date with the many social media platforms and contribute regularly to grow your customer base and create solid business growth.

I had it, I would research the content on behalf of other businesses.

DiscoverCRM Logo Inline

My goal is to make content quicker to source and detailed.

Our Mission Statement: We’re here to help your small business attract customers through content.

Our vision Statement: To keep pushing our boundaries to provide up to date support and information to the start-up and home-based business so they will attract more customers for less. And to collaborate with content creators so new content is available for less cost and more speed.

Our mission is to do more with our local community, I want to give back and provide services to local charities and social organisations to help them create awareness for their causes. I hope to sponsor some local events moving forward.

To start we’re moving our websites over to Green energy saving servers to reduce our impact on the environment. We have already gone 75% paperless so we’re well on our way to becoming a much greener organisation.