Online content creation for your business is essential to promote your message to potential customers and grow engagement around your products. Content is long-lasting, a single post can attract potential customers to your website again and again without need for alteration or update.

Your created content allows you to engage, educated and entertain your audience. When you showcase product innovations and the services you provide; you can establish yourself and brand as the expert in your niche.

Your created content is not limited to words on a page, like a blog post. With creativity and the help of professional content creators you can create. All types of content can be posted to social media, video sites, article sites, as website downloads, attached to blog posts and shared all throughout your content marketing strategy.

Content Quality and Length

• Animations
• Graphics
• Infographics
• Short Movies
• Whiteboard Animations
• Videos
• Live streaming
• Slide presentations

But why is online content for marketing important?

Creating website content on a regular basis might seem like a lot of effort, I assure you it is totally worth it when done right, however don’t let content creation take away from your day-to-day business duties. (read our post on outsourcing content creation).

Well-written content created around engaging topics is great for SEO, because it helps your site be found in search results. When you create content to answer FAQ’s about your niche, you and therefore your company has a chance of appearing in search results for those queries. And that’s the goal.

A vault of your useful content provides you with ample ammunition to share on social, time and time again. And By sharing your wisdom with your audience through your niche relevant online content, you provide solid evidence that you know what you’re talking about.

Confused Content

What should my online content be about?

Choosing the right topics to discuss in your content can be tricky. You need to think carefully about who you’d like to attract and consider the kinds of information they may be looking for. Keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Answer the Public are a great place to start brainstorming topic ideas. And remember you give the topic to professional content creators like DiscoverCRM and we will research the topic and create your content in less than 7 days

All in all, your web content needs to resonate with the kind of customer you’re trying to attract, in a way that’s relevant to what you offer, and presented in a format that’s most appropriate for them.

Professional assistance for creating content whilst you concentrate on the day-to-day priorities of your small business is available and easy to arrange. Take a look at the services we offer and get a free online quote or select a UK freelancer from the link below.

Your finished content can be repurposed and used as the base to create more content in a variety of different formats for social media and more.

Some examples to re-use your content.

  • Video – talk your written content & record to YouTube.
  • Slideshow – create a short slide show for elements of your content and post to sites like SlideShare.
  • Podcast – talk your content and upload to a podcast.  
  • infographic – images of your content to create informational image content. 
  • Whiteboard – informational animations of your content can be created.
  • Social Media Posts.
  • PDF
  • White Paper
  • eBook
  • Short Guide or Course. 

Your content researched and delivered quickly. You will have exciting and vibrant content that will generate engagement from social media and your website.

Your content hooks into every aspect of the Internet. the Internet exists as a massive catalogue of content, and as such It is essential that you use good keywords right through your content to get your posts catalogued with the search engine results. We do this as standard for all our content. 

Great keywords and our SEO ready content will guide your target audience directly to your business. 

Keywords will also help with content posted on the major social media networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog etc. etc. Content is devoured on social media, content is what we tag, save, consume, share and interact with. 

And its worth posting to business directories like Google My Business, Facebook Business Pages, Free Index directory and lead provide, Potential Customers and more. Its important to spread your content net far and wide. 

The better your content the more insatiably your target audience will devour it. And our content research can help you deliver the content your audience will come back for again and again. 

8 Tips to Become a Content Creator

  • Read news about your industry every day.
  • Create on a regular basis & remember content is more than writing its total digital media.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Listen to your customer and potential customer questions.
  • Curate other people’s content (when relevant).
  • Network at every opportunity.
  • Offer solutions, solve problems, answer questions for your target audience.
  • Use our Content Research Service and receive your content brief and you will be creating amazing content your target audience will devour within 24 hours.